Thursday, January 8, 2009

Man Na Manam - Kalaam Hazrat Shah Niyaz Barelvi (R.A.)

Aashiq-e-Be Khabar Manam, 
Mann Na Manam , Na Mann Manam, 
Arif-e-Baa Hunar Manam, 
Mann Na Manam, Na Mann Manam.

 I am in Love, lost to the world
I am not, Yet, I am,
Realized as a soul I am,
I am not, Yet, I am 

 Soze Dil o Jigar Manam, 
Vehshat e Pardadar Manam, 
Danish e Bakhiya Gar Manam, 
Mann Na Manam, Na Mann Manam.

 A flame in love, I am, 
Restless in solitude, I am, 
The all knowing healer, 
I am, I am not, Yet, I am.

 Husn-o-Jamaal-e-Haq Manam, 
Ijz-o-Jalaal-e-Haq Manam, 
Hashmat-o-Jaah-o-Far Manam, 
Mann Na Manam, Na Mann Manam.

The beauty of Truth;
Its magnanimity, I am
I am its grandeur, It's splendor
I am,Yet, I am not

 Sufi-e-Baa Safa Manam, 
Be Khud-o-Ba Khuda Manam, 
Ahl-e-Dil-o-Nazar Manam, 
Mann Na Manam, Na Mann Manam.

The purest of the pure,
I am with him, Yet without him I am,
The heart and vision,
I am, Yet, I am not

Isa-e-Maryami Manam, 
Ahmad-e-Hashmi Manam, 
Haider-e-Sher-e-Nar Manam, 
Mann Na Manam, Na Mann Manam.

Mary's Christ, I am,
I am, Ahmad of Hashim,
I am of Ali the bravest of the brave,
I am, Yet I am not

Raaz-o-`Niyaaz'-e-Khud Manam, 
Soz-o-Gudaaz-e-Khud Manam, 
Karda Qadam Be Sar Manam, 
Mann Na Manam, Na Mann Manam

The keeper of inner secrets,I am,
I am, the reflection of my anguish
He who moves on his head,
I am, Yet, I am not.

These lines from Hz Shah Niyaz(R.A.) shows the height of ecstasy-oneness with Allah। He sees in himself various reflections yet he is aware that-whatever he feels he is, he is not। He feels himself full yet he is aware of emptiness। Emptiness felt after total surrender. The height of Tawhid-Only HE is there, every thing else seems to be present but is not. "I am naught, He is all; there is no being but God's." This is the extreme of humility and self-abasement.


  1. im lovethe potry offshah niyaz beeniyaz thnks furmsyedzakinitaz

  2. Beautiful kalam, please also type in urdu/persian script.

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  4. I letion tomorro in S.K. Merial Hal Patna by Sonam Kalra
    i am so happy

  5. Please upload lyrics of kalaam "ae jaan jahaan aarzoo e roo e to daaram " kalaam written by QIBLA HAZRAT SHAH NIYAAZ BENIYAAZ R.A.

  6. Thank you for sharing the lyrics with interpretations

  7. thamk you for posting these lyrics and translations. I loved the recording by Sonam Kaira, even though I did not understand it. I had a feeling that it was concerning a love of God, or Allah, is there a differenc? :-))

  8. Coke studio man manam brought me here.

  9. Coke studio man manam brought me here.

  10. Thanks for sharing. BTW, the segment "Haider-e-Sher-e-Nar Manam", in Farsi means:
    "I am the Lion=King of poetry of alchemy". "Sher" means poetry and "Nar" means alchemy in Farsi.

    1. In this line "Sher" means "Lion" and "Nar" means "Male". It is not "Naar" which means "Fire" hence used in several other meanings. In this line reference is Hazrat Ali, whose title is Haider which means Lion.