Friday, June 26, 2009

Khuda hi ka jalwa nihaan dekhta hoon - Kalaam Hazrat Shah Niaz (R.A.)

Na tan dekhta hoon na jaan dekhta hoon,

Tujhi ko nihaan aur ayaan dekhta hoon.

Jidhar dekhta hoon jahaan dekhta hoon,
Khuda hi ka jalwa miyaan dekhta hoon.

Hai jo kuchh ki paida sab ayn haq hai,
Ki ek bahr-e-hasti rawaan dekhta hoon.

Agar koi jaan-e-jahaan gair-e-haq hai,
So maen us ko wahm-o-gumaan dekhta hoon.

English translation:

I see neither my body nor my soul,
I see only you as my inward being and outward being.

Wheresoever I look and whatsoever I see,
I see only the vision of God.

That which come into being is nothing but the real in itself,
I see only one current of existence running everywhere.

If any worldly object is dear other than the real,
I regard it as imaginary and illusory.

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