Friday, June 26, 2009

Yaar ko humne ja ba ja dekha - Kalaam Hazrat Shah Niaz R.A.

Yaar ko hamne ja ba ja dekha,
Kahin zaahir kahin chhupa dekha.

Nukta-e-imaan se waaqif ho,
Chehra-e-yaar ja ba ja dekha.

Kahin mumkin hua kahin waajib,
Kahin faani kahin baqa dekha.

Deed apne ki thi use khwahish,
Aap ko har tarah bana dekha.

Dekhta aap hai sune hai aap,
Na koi uska ma siwa dekha.

Soorat-e-gul mein khilkhila ke hansa,
Shakl-e-bulbul mein chahchaha dekha.

Shama ho kar ke aur parwana,
Aap ko aap mein jala dekha.

Kar ke daawa kahin anal haq ka,
Bar sare daar wo khincha dekha.

Tha woh bartar shuma-o-ma se 'Niyaz',
Phir wohi ab shuma-o-ma dekha.

Kahin begaanavash nazar aaya,
Kahin surat se aashna dekha.

Kahin hai badshah-e-takht nashin,
Kahin kaasa liye gada dekha.

Kahin aabid banaa kahin zahid,
Kahin rindon ka peshwa dekha.

Kahin woh dar libaas-e-mashooqaan,
Bar sare naaz aur ada dekha,

Kahin aashiq 'Niyaz' ki soorat,
Seena biryaan-o-dil jala dekha.

English Translation:

I saw my beloved in all I saw,
At times revealed, hidden at times.

Been familiar with the issue of faith,
I saw the face of my beloved in all I saw.

At times a possibility, at times imperative,
At times ephemeral, at times eternal.

Inspired by the wish to see Himself,
He made Himself into every form.

He is the one who sees and hears
I saw no one other then Him.

Laughed gleefully through blooming flowers,
Crooned in nightingale's melodious songs.

He took the forms of the candle and the moth,
And annihilated Himself in flames of His own.

At times claiming "I am the Truth",
Witnessed his head raised on the Cross.

O 'Niyaz' He was beyond the bounds of `You' and `Me',
And yet I see Him in every `You' and `Me'.

At times he behaved like unfamiliar,
At timed I found him familiar with the face.

At times he is the emperor in power,
At times seen with a mendicant's begging bowl.

At times, a devout worshipper,
Lord of rakes and drunkards at times.

At times in the beloved's attire,
He was seen throwing up His charms.

At times as a lover like 'Niyaz',
He was seen beating his breast and heart aflame.


  1. Me and my friend Jayant kumar ( qawalli singer ) is very impressed with your poetry. i would like to get in touch with you . my friends would like to sing some of your poetry in his performances if you permit so, giving you the credit. please let me know about your views. my mail id is

  2. listen to it you will fall in love with this

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    2. Absolutely correct!!!

      Starting words

      Manum maanay azmandi k be tonay yaazdaanran
      Ghum-e-choon to naaz ni ni behizaar naaz-daran
      Kohe-e- afataab-e-chashman wa jamaal toos to roshan
      Ager astobazgeeram bad bay chashm-e-raazgaaran

      “I am needful person, who needs you
      I will take for granted very dearly the sorrow of a beloved like you.
      You are light of my eyes and your face is shining. If I give up you, to whom will go”

  3. Please can you advise where will I find the entire song (mp3) since whatever I have found has just a few worses.. I am looking for the whole song.. please help..

    1. Its by abida parven,i mean the song

  4. this gazal is awesome.. just awsome

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  6. This is amazing poetry. I love this in Abida Perveen voice

  7. can anybody explain the stanzas with reference to the context???? i will be very very thankful

    1. or mail me at

  8. This poetry is amazing . Please anybody refer me where i could listen the whole kalaam because abida parveen sang only few lines .

  9. the awesome poetry dil ko choonei wal poetry...

  10. its not full kalam im gona write full one, you can verify and will request you to write full one

  11. Thats awesome..can you please write persian part of the kalaam

  12. can i plz get the urdu translation

  13. I don't know in whose remembrance Hazrat shah niaz R.Z wrote this kind of unbelievable poetry.