Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meri nazron men tu ho - Hazrat Shaikh Muhamad Alim Aasi

Meri nazron men tu ho aur teri mohabbat ho,
Na duniya ho na uqba ho na dozakh ho na jannat ho,

Siwa tere na maail ho kisi par wo tabiyat ho,
Teri ulfat ho tera ishq ho teri muhabbat ho.

- Hazrat Shaikh Muhamad Alim Aasi

English Translation:

(O god !), may your vision alone be my goal,may I feel awe for you and may I blessed with your love,
May I be indifferent to this world,the next world,the Hell and the Paradise.

Grant me that heart which is not attached to anything else than you,
May I be blessed with attachment to you,affection for you and passionate love for you.

*Shaikh Muhammad Alim Aasi (d. A.D.1915)of Ghazipur was a celebrated Sufi Saint and poet.

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